Home Theatre Main Boards

Home Theatre Main Boards

Apextronic India Pvt. Ltd is a well-known brand in the industry, with a lengthy list of satisfied clients. It manufactures a wide range of high-quality items, including multimedia speakers, trolleys, towers, and PCB boards. With a thorough understanding of the industry’s multifaceted difficulties. We have come up with the greatest solutions in terms of pricing, quality, services, and timely delivery of products, to name a few of Apextronic electronics’ accomplishments. Customer happiness is our first goal, thus we aim for perfection as a result. We aimed to be the highest-quality provider of world-class speakers in the global audio/entertainment sector, with steady growth achieved via innovative ideas, product enhancements, and deliberate brand-building efforts. So we have the best quality of home theatre mainboard at a low-cost price within different sizes. It’s has a portable USB and it is available in a customized size.


  • Portable USB,TF, MIC &FM Recording , FM Radio, MP3,Bluetooth.
  • PCBA Circuit Booard with AUX support.
  • PCB Size : 41*19mm,etc.(Customized sizes also available as per requirement)


  • Portable USB,TF MIC & FM Recording, FM Radio,MP3,Bluetooth.
  • PCBA Circuit Board with AUX support .
  • Inbuilt 2x Amplifier IC
  • PCB Size :77 *20mm
  • Display Size : 33* 08mm, 32 * 14 mm, 34 *16mm